Information for Developers

Interested in building graduate student housing?

Here are some links to documents and reports about the need for affordable graduate student housing.

Facts on Housing and UMCP Graduate Students:

  • There are roughly 10,000 graduate students at UMCP.
  • Grad Gardens and Grad Hills (only University-owned housing for grad students) house roughly 5% of UMCP population. 1BR rent is $900/month; 2BR rent is $1073/month. Waiting list is often several months at least (varies according to time of year).
  • This leaves 95% of grad students on the open market for housing.
  • 25% are International Students.
  • Roughly 1500 grad students have children.
  • Unknown how many live with a partner, but probably at least half.
  • Nationwide trend for grad students: average age is increasing.
  • Grad student housing needs have been studied extensively by the University (see packet, also see
  • 52% of grad students are PhD students, 48% are Master’s students.
  • PhD students typically stay 4-7 years; Master’s students typically stay 2-3 years. Vast majority need 12-month leases.
  • Grad students are typically willing to give up amenities in exchange for cheaper rent.
  • Grad students tend to prefer apartment-style housing over dorm-style housing.