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Published: 26 Nov 2010

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The Graduate Student Government Elections Committee is sad to announce that Lenisa Joseph will be stepping down as the Vice President for Graduate Student Affairs at the end of the fall semester. As a result, the Graduate Student Government will be holding a mid-term election to fill this executive position during the December 10th Assembly meeting at 1:00PM in the Margaret Brent Room of the Stamp Student Union.

The Vice President for Graduate Student Affairs (VPSA) typically works 5 – 10 hours a week for the GSG. The VPSA is responsible for soliciting and collecting the exigent issues of the graduate student body. The VPSA also translates this data into productive and meaningful actions executable by the GSG. This work may include designing appropriate organizational structures (e.g. special committees) within the GSG to address graduate students’ issues.

The VPSA, as part of the Executive Committee, introduces incoming Student Affairs Committee members to experienced GSG members. The VPSA also acts as a representative of the Student Affair Committee in order to liaison with University administrators.

In addition to the duties listed above, the VPSA may need to complete additional tasks as the future goals of the GSG dictate. The position comes with an honoraria of $1,100 per semester.

Nominations for the vacant position will be taken during New Business at the December 10th Assembly meeting (1:00PM in the Margaret Brent Room of the Stamp Student Union).  Nominees who cannot be present may accept their nomination by notifying the Vice President for Legislative Affairs prior to the meeting.

Once the nomination period is closed, each nominee will have up to two minutes to address the Assembly. In the past, nominees have described their prior service in the GSG, their experience in similar bodies, issues they might like to pursue in the position, their relevant skills, etc. Nominees will then have up to three minutes to answer any questions the Assembly may have.

Once all present nominees have spoken and answered questions, they will be asked to leave the room while the Assembly discusses the candidates. Representatives will then vote by secret ballot, and the result will be announced immediately.

If you have any questions regarding procedure, feel free to contact the Chair of the Elections Committee, Steve Powers (spowers1 [at] umd [dot] edu), or the Vice President for Legislative Affairs, Jacqueline Orlando (gsg-vpla [at] umd [dot] edu). The current VPSA, Lenisa Joseph, may be reached at gsg-vpsa [at] umd [dot] edu if you have questions regarding the duties of the position.

-Graduate Student Government Elections Committee

gsg-ec [at] umd [dot] edu

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