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posted on: 07 Jan 2011

Source: Graduate Student Government

The GSG Academic Affairs Committee would like to know your thoughts on graduate students enrolling in undergraduate level courses. More about:Graduate Student Enrollment in 100-300 Level Courses - Let us know what you think!

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posted on: 19 Jan 2011

Source: President's Commission on Women's Issues

The Presidents Commission on Womens Issues

Award nominations are open for the 2011 Celebration of Women to be held Tuesday, March 29, 2011. Nomination deadline is Monday, January 31, 2011. More about:Award Nominations now open for the 2011 Celebration of Women

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posted on: 19 Jan 2011

Source: The Graduate School

Outstanding faculty mentors are critical to graduate education and to creating a successful graduate student experience. The deadline for 2011 nominations is Monday, March 7, 2011. More about:Graduate Faculty Mentor of the Year Award

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posted on: 25 Jan 2011

Source: Graduate Student Government

Reusable GRID Logo starting from GRID 2010.

The Graduate Student Government (GSG) is currently in need of faculty from all academic disciplines to serve as judges for GRID on Wednesday, April 6, 2011. Judges play an integral role in the success of GRID in that they provide student presenters with valuable feedback and ultimately help select the presenters who are awarded travel grants. More about:Call for Judges - Help us with GRID!

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posted on: 26 Jan 2011

Source: Graduate Student Government

30th Anniversary Logo designed by Jonathan Lee in the Smith School of Business

Welcome back to the new year, and thanks for joining us even before classes have begun. Of course the semester schedule doesn't always mean too much to graduate students, especially if you're ABD or not teaching. More about:President's January Report to the Assembly

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posted on: 27 Jan 2011

Source: Diamondback

"College Park City Council members voted Tuesday night in support of a proposed Mowatt Lane apartment complex geared toward graduate students and faculty members." More about:City Council supports new graduate housing

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posted on: 31 Jan 2011

Source: University of Maryland Counseling Center

The goal of the group is to provide a support network to help students overcome many of the common challenges of the dissertation process. The group meets every other Friday afternoons from 12:00 noon until 1:30 pm in Shoemaker Building starting on February 18, 2011. More about:Dissertation Support Groups Froming

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posted on: 31 Jan 2011

Source: Graduate Student Government

The Budget and Finance Committee (BFC) needs your help! The GSG is responsible for using the funding we receive from the Graduate Student Activities Fee to help the graduate student body. To do that, we need you to you share your thoughts and ideas, as well as those of your constituents, as we draft a plan to spend additional funding that has been made available to us. More about:GSG Funding Outlook

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