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posted on: 08 Dec 2011

Source: The Diamondback

"On the heels of Oakland Hall's debut, university officials announced their plans to replace the aging Carroll, Caroline and Wicomico Halls with a $66 million air-conditioned, eco-conscious dorm dubbed Prince Frederick Hall." More about:New $66M dormitory to arrive in fall 2014

posted on: 07 Dec 2011

Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education

"Doctoral students in the United States are finishing their degrees faster than at any point since at least 1983. But that's not actually saying much. Their average time-to-degree is still a formidable 7.7 years and that, of course, is for the students who manage to finish at all. By some estimates, more than 30 percent of the students who enter American doctoral programs walk away empty-handed." More about:Help to the Finish Line: Ways to Reduce the Number of Ph.D. Dropouts

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posted on: 06 Dec 2011

Source: The Diamondback

"A new Dining Services initiative will allow students to buy a takeout container they can bring back in. The North and South Campus dining halls will debut a test set of 1,000 reusable plastic containers during the next few weeks." More about:Dining Services to offer students new, reusable containers

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posted on: 05 Dec 2011

Source: The Diamondback

"In an effort to make frequently used bus stops more inviting, the RHA, DOTS and Facilities Management have teamed up to install three new bus shelters on the campus." More about:RHA, DOTS, Facilities Management build new bus shelters

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posted on: 02 Dec 2011

Source: The Diamondback

"With a parking shortage looming in the coming years, Department of Transportation Services officials have turned to the RHA to come up with a system for determining which underclassmen can take the limited available on-campus spaces." More about:RHA to develop parking spot allocation plan

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posted on: 01 Dec 2011

Source: VPSA-SU-Operations

"The Event Services Department within the Stamp is looking for a event services graduate assistant to assist the Event Services Coordinator with the daily operations of the Event Services Office. This is a 12 month position with medical benefits similar to State classified positions. Remission of fees up to ten credits a semester. Annual salary is based on 20 hours a week worked." More about:Event Services Graduate Assistant

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posted on: 30 Nov 2011

Source: President's Commission on Women's Issues (PCWI)

"Each year the President's Commission on Women's Issues (PCWI) honors outstanding women on our campus for their exemplary contributions to women and women's issues in higher education. These women will be featured at the 2012 Celebration of Women in March. Awards include one specifically for Outstanding Graduate Student, as well as for Outstanding Non-Exempt Staff, Outstanding Exempt Staff, Outstanding Woman of Color, and Outstanding Woman of the Year." More about:Nominate an Outstanding Graduate Student Woman for University Award: DEADLINE JAN. 15

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posted on: 28 Nov 2011

Source: Graduate Student Government

"Graduate Students are welcome to share their research with the University Community in the Graduate Student Spotlight. Spotlights will be featured on the GSG website and will be eligible for inclusion in University publications." More about:Highlight Your Research!

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posted on: 21 Nov 2011

Source: Department of Resident Life

"The student housing market analysis conducted by the University of Maryland, the city of College Park, and the College Park City University Partnership that began work in March 2011 is complete and a copy of the final report is now available at the Department of Resident Life website" More about:Student Housing Market Analysis

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posted on: 20 Nov 2011

Source: Graduate Student Government

"Read on for the GSG President Anna Bedford's speech to the Assembly for updates on various topics including the University potential merger with Baltimore, Parental Leave for graduate students, Campus Student Housing Report, President's Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics and more!" More about:GSG President's Report to the Assembly - November 2011

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posted on: 20 Nov 2011

Source: The Diamondback

"While the Graduate Council endorsed a recommendation allowing graduate assistants parental leave, several Graduate Student Government members said without an official policy, teaching assistants may still not receive enough time at home with their newborns." More about:Graduate council recommends parental leave for assistants

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posted on: 17 Nov 2011

Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education

"Recent student demonstrations in Chile and Colombia are a cause for major concern for their respective governments. At the center of the debate there is a very simple question for which there is not an easy answer: who is supposed to pay for the provision of education for the inhabitants of a country? The citizens themselves and their families, or the state? Is a direct subsidy to the students the best approach, or should institutions be subsidized in order to make education more affordable?" More about:Who Should Pay for Education?

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posted on: 15 Nov 2011

Source: A. James Clark School of Engineering

Are you a graduate student looking for fellowship opportunities? The GSG fellowship webpage has been updated with the latest fellowship opportunities for graduate students. More about:Graduate School Fellowships Update

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posted on: 14 Nov 2011

Source: Graduate Student Government

"Read on for the GSG president Anna Bedford's speech to the Assembly for updates on the Health Center Fee, Mandatory Fee, parental leave, TerpMail for graduate students, potential merger with Baltimore and more!" More about:GSG President's Report to the Assembly - October 2011

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posted on: 14 Nov 2011

Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education

"Enrollments of new international students at American graduate schools grew by 8 percent this fall, the strongest showing since 2006, according to a report released November 8th by the Council of Graduate Schools." More about:U.S. Graduate Schools See Significant Increase in Foreign Enrollments

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posted on: 13 Nov 2011

Source: Department of Transportation Services

The Department of Transportation Services will operate shuttle service to the Baltimore/Washington International (BWI) Airport during major breaks. Shuttles will leave from Cole Field House on Wednesday, November 23rd and will also be available on Sunday, No­vember 27 from BWI Airport. More about:Thanksgiving Break Shuttle to BWI Airport

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posted on: 10 Nov 2011

Source: The Diamondback

"A year after the Board of Regents officially guaranteed same-sex spouses of university employees the same professional benefits as heterosexual couples, some university senators and student leaders are pushing to extend those privileges to same-sex domestic partners." More about:U. Senate, SGA debate same-sex benefits

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posted on: 09 Nov 2011

Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education

"It's job-market season again, and for those who plan to hire new assistant professors, the usual embarrassment of riches awaits. For more than a generation now, job candidates have been hitting the market with amazing qualifications. Hiring committees routinely choose among applicants who have accomplished much, much more than their interviewers had at comparable stages of our own careers." More about:The Time-to-Degree Conundrum

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posted on: 06 Nov 2011

Source: Department of Resident Life

Great scholarship opportunity for Spring 2012. The Joseph M. Mitchell Memorial Scholarship Award provides one-time awards of up to $1,000 to undergraduate or graduate students whose ability to succeed at our institution may be challenged by some personal or family circumstance. More about:Scholarship For Spring 2012

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posted on: 06 Nov 2011

Source: Graduate Student Government


The Graduate Student Government seeks graduate students to help plan Graduate Research Interaction Day (GRID) 2012, set for Wednesday, April 11. This exciting event will feature research presentations of graduate students from all disciplines across campus and feature free food, great speakers, and a chance to learn more about graduate research from all around campus. More about:Help Plan Graduate Research Interaction Day (GRID) 2012!

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