Graduate Researchers, Employees, Assistants and Teachers Committee (Permanent)

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The Graduate Researchers, Employees, Assistants, and Teachers Committee shall investigate issues surrounding graduate employment on campus, formulate proposals on policies and procedures to address current or future problems and improve the quality of life of graduate students working on campus, and meet regularly with the University Administration and Graduate School to help implement any necessary changes.

Committee Contact

To contact the committee, please email gsg-great [at] umd [dot] edu or the Chair of the committee directly. To ask about the committee or to request membership in the committee, please contact the Vice President for Committee Affairs at gsg-vpca [at] umd [dot] edu.

Current Membership

  • Amir Kashani
  • Akhil Kadaway
  • Ruth Oni
  • Emily Warheit - Secretary
  • Daniel Greene - Chair ( dan [dot] greene10 [at] gmail [dot] com)